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In her work, Lisa Bulawsky explores the relationship between recorded public history and the lived experience of individuals. At the heart of her research is an inquiry into the parity between personal and global narratives, and a conviction that these run alongside each other in corresponding grooves that are equal in depth and significance. Bulawsky draws from an archive of shared and private images which she filters, transforms, and arranges to find moments of prosaic power. She approaches this work through her experience and knowledge as a printmaker.

Her current project uses the printed mark as a foundational metaphor for history that is marked by ruptures and continuities of time. She is curating the accumulated marks created by the happy accidents of printmaking on sheets of newsprint backing paper, and juxtaposing them with other marks, byproducts, and images, including iconic news photos of world events and collected remnants of her studio practice. This project asks questions about time and history as well as the substance of our lives whether they are shaped by a set of linear, chronological events or by the correlative, cyclical incidents that occur on the margins, in the domestic or the public sphere.