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Love Stories, Part 3
(co-pilots and trajectories)

All in Good Company, All in Good Time

Visions of a Quasi-Expatriate

Love Stories, Part 2
(adjustable couplings)

Dis- Ease

Operation Pandemic Joy

The Dilemma Game

Handle Like Eggs

Merry Folly (all fall down)

Problem Plays

Harlot's Progress


Love Stories, Part 1

O Joy!

Installation view of Love Stories, Part 3 at the Loft at the Mill, Lincoln, Nebraska
Digital video projection, theater seats, tread plate riser

Love Stories, Part 3 - still from digital video

Love Stories, Part 3 installation view

Love Stories, Part 3 - still from digital video

Costumed usher (Cassandra Simon) conferring ceritificates at the opening

Certificate of Achievement
Lithography, rubber stamp
8.5'' x 11''

Over 200 Certificates of achievement were conferred.

Mixed media digital video installation

Love Stories, Part 3 is the third installment in the series, Love Stories, a narrative and metaphorical investigation into human relationships. In this variant on the love story, two astronauts play the main characters in a parable of exhilarating and sustained love.

The main feature of this installation is a four and a half minute looping digital video that tracks the astronauts from training, to launch (exhilarating blast off) to orbit (sustained trajectory). The video revolves around a suite of etchings and monotypes filmed as still images. The prints are intercut and layered with found footage from space travel films, both fictional and educational.

The projection space doubles as a movie theater and a launch platform, with red velvet theater seats mounted on a tread plate riser. A live, costumed usher, standing at the entrance to the installation during the opening of the exhibition conferred certificates of achievement to viewers granting them "co-pilot" status.

Love Stories, Part 3, the video. Electronic music by Dan Kelley.