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The Accident

Time Outside Without Extension

One for the Other

Dream Day

We Belong to this Band - Phase 1

We Belong to this Band - Phase 2

We Belong to this Band - Phase 3

Four Chapters in the Present We Were


Love Stories, Part 3
(co-pilots and trajectories)

All in Good Company, All in Good Time

Visions of a Quasi-Expatriate

Love Stories, Part 2
(adjustable couplings)

Dis- Ease

Operation Pandemic Joy

The Dilemma Game

Handle Like Eggs

Merry Folly (all fall down)

Problem Plays

Harlot's Progress


Love Stories, Part 1

O Joy!

O Joy!

street installation on Grand Avenue

O Joy! installation view on Taylor Avenue in St. Louis

O Joy! is a public intervention project done in the summer of 2001. It consists of a series of woodcut images conceived of as posters or ads and hung up in serial format on the walls of abandoned buildings and on temporary construction fences, sites that are already being used as advertising space. They simply advertise joy. They are uncomplicated images of joyful, blissful, happy people presented with a self-conscious and sublime belief in the communicable nature of these images - a smile begets a smile.