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The Accident

Time Outside Without Extension

One for the Other

Dream Day

We Belong to this Band - Phase 1

We Belong to this Band - Phase 2

We Belong to this Band - Phase 3

Four Chapters in the Present We Were


Love Stories, Part 3
(co-pilots and trajectories)

All in Good Company, All in Good Time

Visions of a Quasi-Expatriate

Love Stories, Part 2
(adjustable couplings)

Dis- Ease

Operation Pandemic Joy

The Dilemma Game

Handle Like Eggs

Merry Folly (all fall down)

Problem Plays

Harlot's Progress


Love Stories, Part 1

other work

O Joy!

This suite of monoprints was created for a portfolio exchange entitled Dream Day Drawing which reflects on the relationship between making and source. Here, "drawing" includes both the hand-made mark and the action of pulling from or bringing closer. The term Dream-day is a Freudian term referring to the day before the dream, and from which the dream gathers its material. The portfolio was curated by Susan Belau for the 2010 SGC International conference in Philadelphia.