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The Accident

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We Belong to this Band - Phase 1

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Four Chapters in the Present We Were


Love Stories, Part 3
(co-pilots and trajectories)

All in Good Company, All in Good Time

Visions of a Quasi-Expatriate

Love Stories, Part 2
(adjustable couplings)

Dis- Ease

Operation Pandemic Joy

The Dilemma Game

Handle Like Eggs

Merry Folly (all fall down)

Problem Plays

Harlot's Progress


Love Stories, Part 1

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O Joy!


We Belong To This Band is a participatory public print project by Lisa Bulawsky/Vertigo Press in collaboration with All Along Press, commissioned for the MAPC Conference, New World, Old World, hosted by the University of Minnesota.

The project is a collection of homages or portraits of artists and printmakers who have gone before us. It is meant to be an ephemeral monument that celebrates the lives of our artistic heroes and fellow mortals, propagating their memory through the printed image.

Participants contributed images of their heroes that were then printed and bound into tear-off pads, attached to garden stakes, and planted throughout the city of Minneapolis, to be taken by passers-by.

List of volunteers who participated by creating a an homage/portrait:
Kelda Martensen, Brandon Anschultz, Kenneth Humphries, Cynthia Vogel, Anita Jung, Laura Mart, Joshua Norton, Jessie Van Der Laan, Jennifer O’Neill, David Newman, Laura Zamora, Kim Wardenburg, Travis Russell, John Bergmeier, Josh Bezdek, Dan Mills, Dan Falco, Valerie Wallace Scott and Will Betz, Jennifer Rich, Grace Hong, Angela Malchionno, Ash Hane, Ann-Maree Crawford, Bill Fisher, Clay Davis, Sara Wood, Christine Garvey, Melissa Harshman, Kacie Smith, Lisa Bulawsky, Eric Repice, Lindsay Deifik