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The Accident

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Merry Folly (all fall down)

The Accident
March 2014
Martin Wong Gallery, San Francisco State University

Presented in conjuction with the SGCI conference, Bridges.

Handprinting and inkjet on newsprint, digital video, handmade newspaper/book on library rod


"Lisa Bulawsky’s work creates bridges between past and present, history and memory, personal narratives and cultural events. Her current project focuses specifically on the relationship between the “happy accident”- a pleasant situation that is neither planned nor intended, and the “integral accident”- one which is driven by new technologies, often catastrophic, but so commonplace and inevitable that it is no longer unexpected.

To do so, Bulawsky returned to her personal archive of newsprint backing paper that she has collected during the printing process over the last thirteen years. Contrasting these layered and abstracted records of daily events in her studio with disseminated news imagery of prominent world events, Bulawksy transforms latent visual happenstance into commentaries concerning the nature of the accidental, whether defined by imminence or serendipity. Even more, her charged juxtapositions of personal and cultural histories also examine the documentation of time itself."

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