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MSIG Pilot Project

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MSIG event at Fort Gondo from outside.
As participants entered their life data into the Collection Facility, their images were projected on the window. Simultaneously, their life data information was read aloud by a computer voice and transmitted by AM transmitter into deep space.

MSIG Project space and lab
Computer station for participant input, AM transmitter, radio, and simulated space backdrop

MSIG Project space
AM transmitter (left) and digital video projection (right)

MSIG radio

Left front window of MSIG project space and lab

MSIG project developers

Propelling individuals into perpetuity. In collaboration with Dan Kelley at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, St. Louis, Missouri.

The MSIG Pilot Project used database programming and amplitude modulation (AM radio waves) to provide immortality for participants.

For three months preceeding the MSIG event, and during the event itself, participants used the online Life Data Collection and Storage Facility to input their life data for broadcast on April 14, 2006. Life data was extracted from the database and read aloud by Bruce, a computer voice. Transmission was initiated at 8 p.m. using an AM transmitter that sent the audio data into deep space. Over 300 people were immortalized.

Participants were also granted momentary fame as their images were projected through the window of the project space. Additionally, three related digital videos by the developers, Lisa Bulawsky and Dan Kelley were shown on the night of the event.

Click here to see how far the transmitted data has gone as of today.