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Blindspot Galleries

2002-2005, and 2009

Blindspot Galleries is the mobile exhibition space that was directed and run by Lisa Bulawsky on her white Ford minivan from 2002-2005. In 2009, Blindspot was resurrected for the exhibition Multiple x Multiple at the University of Tennessee.

The founding of Blindspot was inspired by the democratic nature of printmaking. The goal of the gallery was to draw on the social history of prints and the distributive qualities of the multiple to make art accessible to the public. The work was attached to the minivan with magnetic vinyl. Though not explicitly advertised, it was meant to be taken by viewers and attached to other magnetic surfaces, thereby creating the plural nature of Blindspot Galleries.

Blindspot exhibitions:

In the Denmark of the Soul, Ida Applebroog, Lisa Bulawsky, Francisco de Goya
Country Squire, Brandon Anschultz
Shock and Awe, a xerographic exchange portfolio featuring the work of over 20 artists
Domestic Duel, Roxanne Phillips
Falls the Shadow, Rachel Mason
What Did You Say?, Gina Alvarez
Domestic Duel, Roxanne Phillips
Please Steal this Magnet, Katy Scoggin
If Girls Had Wings, Jessie Van der Laan
I Give Up: The Comics of Ted May, Ted May
All in Good Company, All in Good Time, Lisa Bulawsky