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All in Good Company, All in Good Time is a resurrection of the project, Blindspot Galleries as a memorial, as a moving cenotaph to a small selection who recently passed away and also made an impact, culturally as well as personally. It is comprised of magnetic portraits done in woodcut of 20 people who left this world between July 3, 2008 and July 3, 2009. Additionally, there are red poppies, a universal symbol of remembrance, as well as an architectural capstone on the top of the van that harkens back to early American gravestones. The entire project is meant to be a mobile monument that celebrates the lives of our fellow travelers and is a fresh take on the memento mori, a reminder of our mortality.

Those whose portraits are represented are:

Bea Arthur
David Carradine
Mickey Carroll
Michael Crichton
Farrah Fawcett
Paul Harvey
Isaac Hayes
Jesse Helms
Michael Jackson
Ali Akbar Khan
Bernie Mac
Karl Malden
Ed McMahon
Paul Newman
Bettie Page
Randy Pausch
Sally Schneider
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Studs Terkel
Andrew Wyeth