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Stories for Fishes
film screenings, participantsí scratchboards, 8 minute video

Exhibited at O Cinema Wynwood, Miami, Florida in partnership with ArtCenter/South Florida, October 2016 - January 2017

Stories for Fishes includes film screenings, public dialogue, and collective visual responses. The screenings of the films Le Maison en Petits Cubes and Thule Tuvalu inspire doodles and discussion. Local participants share experiences of South Florida that they want to remember. Drawings are then shared underwater with fish and other sea creatures off the coast who will eventually inherit the city. The collected stories and video of the artists sharing them with fish off the coast are combined as part of a larger installation.

FIFTY-FIFTY is an artist collective founded by Lisa Bulawsky and Laurencia Strauss, working at the intersection of individual experience and the public sphere, negotiating cultural tensions through socially engaged participatory art practices.

All images © Lisa Bulawsky