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Problem Plays is a series of mixed-technique monotypes that straddle the line between portraiture, cultural biography, and social satire. They are like the Cliff Notes for a Greek tragedy using humor and affliction to reflect, perhaps even diagnose, the human condition.

The term "problem plays" defines a type of dramatic play in which the salient features concern the protagonist's downfall - brought about by some contemporary social problem, and their character's ambiguous qualities - they are almost equally heroic and pitiable.

In my series of prints, the tragic flaw of each character may be cultural or biological, but whatever it is, it causes them to lose power. I feel empathy for these people. Exposing and exploiting their flaws in good humor is a way of celebrating our simpatico.

The prints in the Problem Plays series combine woodcut, lithography, collagraph, collage, and digital printing and are approximately 40" x 30."