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NP-C (amor fati)

Co-Memory/Useless the Flowers

Prosthetic Memories


Flashbulb Memories


Can one see the present? Or can we only see it in hindsight? Can the present stand watch over the past and walk into the future? What is passed on from this moment to the next? What is gone forever?

These works come out of a regular practice of honoring the past by forming it in an image, as a strategy of making visible again what has been lost.

Commemoration=remembering together. Co-memory. Aurora, Colorado; Steve Jobs; The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"Useless the flowers" is a snippet of lyric from a song popularized by the Carter Family in the 1940's, but written as a hymn. The words function as a warning and a celebration: Give me the roses while I live, something to cheer me on; useless the flowers you may give, after the soul is gone.

Also see the exhibition Useless the Flowers.