Like Leaves Like Ashes Like Stars

The Book of Eternal Returns (and the doubt of being) is a loose, unbound and ongoing collection of handprinted images that view history and the passage of time through a distorted lens. These images pose a set of questions that have preoccupied me for as long as I can remember. Among them: Is the universe and all of existence recurring eternally, as Nietzche believed? What is the relationship between the marks we leave on the world and the marks the world leaves on us?

The works in The Book of Eternal Returns range from hand drawn to photographic, diagrammatic to poetic. I suspect The Book will always remain incomplete, fragmentary – a rolling record of ruminations.

The book includes a number of textual attributions: (so far) Han Jost Frey, William Kentridge, Annie Dillard, Wallace Stegner,  Lucretius, and Bob Dylan.

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