Like Leaves Like Ashes Like Stars

Like Leaves Like Ashes Like Stars is an unbound suite of handprinted images conceived as a book, with images paired in spreads. 

The prints and collages range from hand drawn to photographic, diagrammatic to poetic, and include visual and literary quotes from other artists’ and authors’ ruminations on the subjective nature of time. Look for Whitten, Beckett, Dillard, Stegner, Twombly, Goya, Tempest Williams, Gonzalez Torres, Kawara, Kentridge, Frey, Kelley, Guston, Velasquez, Whitman. 

Originally titled The Book of Eternal Returns, the project acknowledges the way images and ideas recur and rhyme across time spans. But there are always, of course, the great unconformities.

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